Tonight’s Movie The Final Cut. Robyn Williams Mira Sorvino & Jim Caviezel

Welcome to the not-too-distant future|where implanted microchips record every single moment of a person’s life. Upon death|it becomes the job of a “cutter” like Alan Hakman (Oscar-winner Robin Williams) to edit down the deceased’s entire lifetime into a fitting memorial film. For years|he has used his god-like power of final cut to absolve the dead of a multitude of sins. But when|on his latest assignment|he views a terrible secret that can’t be erased| Hackman finds his own life in jeopardy in this riveting science fiction thriller.

USA Total Corona Virus Test Conducted in U.S. 3,893,815

August 19, 2020, total tests in the United States 3,893,815 Total Test Conducted in U.S. 3,893,815 596,532 tested New York US 259,666 tested California US 251,354 tested Florida US 176,239 tested Texas US 162,536 tested New Jersey  156,806 tested Massachusetts US 153,965 tested Pennsylvania US 137,999 tested Louisiana US 137,404 tested Illinois US 135,706 tested Washington US 104,024 tested Michigan US 90,586 tested Tennessee US 78,758 tested Ohio US 76,211 tested North Carolina US 74,380 tested Georgia US 65,370 tested Maryland US 59,944 tested Utah US 58,213 tested Connecticut US Continue Reading

Tonight’s movie: Father of Invention. Starring Kevin Spacey.

Robert Axle (Kevin Spacey of AMERICAN BEAUTY, HORRIBLE BOSSES), an eccentric inventor-turned-egomaniacal-infomercial-guru, loses it all when one of his inventions maims thousands of customers. After 8 years in prison, Axle is ready to resume his life and, more importantly, redeem his name and rebuild his billion-dollar empire. But first he must convince his estranged 22-year-old Continue Reading

Tonight’s movie A Little Bit of Heaven #stayhome #beSafe

An irreverent young woman (Kate Hudson) who uses her humor to avoid intimacy has a life-changing visit from her doctor in this divinely funny dramatic comedy. Featuring Kathy Bates, Gael García Bernal, Whoopi Goldberg , and Peter Dinklage. Provider FilmRise Rating PG-13 Running time 1:46:55 Language English Actors Kate HudsonKathy BatesPeter DinklageGael García BernalWhoopi Goldberg Continue Reading