The people of Puerto Rico are, once again in the streets to remove their corrupt Government.

The scandalous framework, of the government’s procedures, is once again under criticism after the recent scandal of aid warehouses found filled yet, undelivered to the affected.

The wail for change in the system is not new to the people of Puerto Rico but, subconsciously, it has been in the masses for decades. Owing to no rigorous imposition of the laws governing the conduct of government officials, morally or professionally, the menace of corruption has ever grown stronger, bigger and wider. In recent weeks all demonstrate the power of a unified people acting for change, but also bring much-needed attention to the need for improved transparency and accountability within Puerto Rico’s government.

Unaccountable leaders and institutions are the parasites to the potential growth of the island. The outburst of public anger made its presence when protestors came on the roads – holding banners of “Murderous government,” and “Government genocide”-after viral videos of aid-filled warehouses.

News of alleged 7 undelivered-warehouses took Puerto Rico by storm.

The aid was meant to be directed to those who were inflicted upon by the disasters of Hurricanes, Irma and Maria, and we’re still suffering from the impacts. Reportedly, 4645 inhabitants of the island died.

The rise in protests and consistent effort by the people of Puerto Rico gathered the attention of international media.

The all-forum coverage by media mounted pressure on the government which subsequently resulted in the successful launch of investigations against involved officials, and their removal followed by the removal of governor “Rosselló”.

But this is not the ultimate solution to an ever-existing Puerto Rican problem of corruption.

The recent scandal got into the spotlight because of the toll of death associated with the scandal.

On the other hand, there have been several scandals of corruption in mega projects in the past.

The unknown, unaudited, and mounting debt is another big concern for the public. The causes, beneficiaries, and details of debt are never made clear.

The need for the removal of the government must be coupled with a need to push officials for devising methods of effective counter-corruption strategy.

This plan, like many previous such plans, must not be kept to the limit of media coverage only but, ought to be made practical by infusing into it, tested and tried features like, right of access to information, protection of whistleblowers and amendment in-laws for strengthening anti-corruption watchdogs.

The underlying cause of never-ending corruption in the government’s departments is the lack of accountability. It is high time, to develop a mechanism to ensure the check and balance of the procedures at all levels.

Since the inception of Puerto Rico, the prosperous and booming island has proved to be a distant dream for its inhabitants. They wish to see their island move forward and put its scandals, crises, and corruption behind it.

The people of Puerto Rico want accountability.

No matter what it takes but a public audit of the projects, contracts, loans, and debt is a necessary measure.

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